IBF Committee on Distribution

This Committee has been formed to deal with issues related to distribution of television channels like digitalization of cable industry, piracy and under-declaration and take up other issues like price cap and regulation on interconnection with TRAI and Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. The Committee is also mandated to look at the issues of web media.


Following members comprise the Committee:

- Mr. Atul Das, Zee

- Mr. Anuj Gandhi, Viacom/Network 18

- Mr. B. C. Deka, Pride East

- Mr. Sridhar B., Star

- Mr. Vijay Rajput, Discovery

- Mr. Rajesh Kaul, Sony

- Ms. Shilpa Bhadoria, Times 

- Mr. Mujeebuddin, Sun

- Mr. Nitin Dadoo, Disney (left the company)

- Mr. C. Kishan, Turner